Bahn Mi Barista – Spicy Vegetarian Sandwich


This is a small place across the road from Steak N Shake in Coldwater Crossing.  It has a grouping of 10 seating areas, drink cooler to the left near the counter and a counter where you order and behind that where the food is prepared.

One thing I had been advised to try is the Lavender Milk Tea, but it was not in stock on this visit.
I tried a Spicy Vegetarian sandwich (was around $4.29) and I do not recommend it; was a 6-8inch long roll with carrots, tofu heated in a microwave, cucumbers, two jalapenos, a little cilantro and skinny clear noodle.  It very bland and soggy.  I think it would be better if the tofu were not heated and some flavor was added to the tofu.   It also needed a sauce to accent the vegetables.
Their milk teas and bubble teas look interesting and not like anything else I have come across in town so do plan on trying out more of their menu.
1veg sand

Location: 5320 Coldwater Rd, Fort Wayne, IN 46825


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