Remodeling at Work


This is just outside of my work area, which is in the midst of a remodel.   At some point in the future, our department is to be moving back farther in the building.   The 70’s shade of decor isn’t a retro look…it dates back to the 70’s.  However, it is still functional and as it backroom (not an area a client would see) it works just fine.   Heck, in 1o years, all those funky colors will probably be back in style.

The upside of that the back wall is mostly windows so there will be some natural light, but the downside is it will be cold in Winter (it was when I worked in the call center at the end of the building several years ago) and a fella I work with said they had to install bulletproof glass for safety purposes near the highway after there was an accident and a flying tire took out a window.

In the distance in green in the restroom then file area where I used to go on a rare break for to make a phone call was off to the left but is no longer accessible as it has been walled off, but there is a small break area just beyond the file shelves but before the ladies room.


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