Memories of Prince

Today at work heard that Prince has passed away today after being ill with the flu, although the some said it was because he had, like his hit song “Partied like it was 1999”.   He was only 57.   I know that sounds old if you are in your 20’s or 30’s, but if you or close to that age or older, it is young.

Prince was a killer singer/songwriter/performer and even added movie actor to his resume (although I have never seen “Purple Rain” to this day).   I remember reading early on in his career, he was booed off stage and garbage was literally thrown at him, but he did not let that deter his performance or his determination or change his style to suit other people.  He was a true original.

The above is video from Youtube of the Superbowl Half-Time show where it was pouring down rain (the regular kind, not Purple, LOL) and despite the weather, still performed fabulously.

I first remember hearing Prince’s music in the Summer of 1983 while attending Summer sessions a college.  The girl that lived next door to Janet and me, Julie, loved “1999” and would jump up on the arms of the chair in her room and sing and dance to it as she loved it so much.  I heard she passed away years ago from ovarian cancer so I have sure she is rockin’ in Heaven with Prince now.

When I went home briefly on break, Mom said she didn’t understand what the big deal was about Prince; his ears and his teeth were too big and since when did Americans care so much about royalty.   I laughed and told her it wasn’t Prince Charles (which who she thought all the fuss was over), it was the singer Prince.   I later pointed him out in one of his videos and she just looked up from fixing dinner and went “Really?” and mumbled something about him being too skinny and went back to what she was doing.

His “Purple Rain” album and the songs on that album, like “Let’s Go Crazy”, “When Doves Cry” and the title song “Purple Rain” dominated the airwaves and charts after it was released in 1984.

Even in 1985 I danced the night away in 1985 with my friend Mary and a sundry of fellas that asked up to dance at “Chasers” lounge in Fort Wayne to his songs.   Mary had a crush on Prince.  Even when she had a boyfriend, she joked if she was able to date Prince for a night, her boyfriend would just have to understand.

I remember hearing or seeing somewhere that he once hired a personal chef and they quit after a year because, despite their extensive training to make all sorts of exquisite dishes, he only wanted “comfort foods” like macaroni and cheese, steak and potatoes and fried chicken.  Have to respect him for staying true roots.

Marv had heard on the radio today that he could also pick up and play an instrument and did on many of his albums.


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