Dining on the Patio at Fridays

As I had a buy one-get one free coupon, we decided to go out to eat a TGI Friday’s at Glenbrook Mall and dine on the patio.   It is a nice feature if the weather permits and tables are farther away from each other than inside, so you can have more privacy. the only drawback on the patio is the wire chairs are not the most comfortable after sitting for awhile and if it is windy you want to weight down your napkin someway.

On our visit, we were advised that the menu and along with the change in menu was an increase in prices.

Originally we had planned to on a Ribeye steak, but as it now $16, we opted of “Call Your Own Burger” instead.

The burger comes with lettuce, pickle and tomato on a toasted bun with your choice of one cheese and one sauce and two toppings for $10.70 and it comes with a side of crispy fries. (Marv had missed the pickle part and I had to fish them of his sandwich – they had been on lettuce so they had not contaminated the bun.   Marv liked the Bleu cheese, roasted mushrooms and peppered bacon on his sandwich and commented that the burger was fresh, not frozen and didn’t have any binders like cheaper burgers do.


The Onion Bacon Jam and Jack Mayo were less flavorful than I expected, but the beer cheese and crunchy onion toppings were good.


Have never had any issues with service overall; waitstaff is usually upbeat and well trained. If you go on a Friday or Saturday evening or a Holiday, expect to wait for a table as they are usually booked up.

Marv without his oxygen cannula in as he thinks not looking disabled in photo is more important than breathing, which is why I snapped the picture quick instead of waiting on the gawker due photobombing in the background walk by.  Marv liked the other guys suit; I think it reminded him of his polyester days of the 70’s.





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