Snickers Crisper Candy Bar

We had ordered some items from Walmart over the internet and the above free sample for a new type of Snickers bar, a Snickers Crisper, arrived with it.  Instead of a thick layer of nuts it has a smaller layer of nuts along with a layer of crisp rice cereal.

I think it was similar in taste and texture to Hershey’s “Whatchamacallit” bar, except a little nuttier and the nougat seemed a bit sweeter.  It is almost a “lite” version of a Snickers bar.

Not to say there isn’t a market for this bar, but as I am a person that rarely ever buys or eat candy bars, but if I were inclined to indulge, I would pick a regular Snickers over this latest edition.  I missed the crunchier texture that peanuts provide against the sweet caramel and rich chocolate.


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