My favorite soft drink is Diet Vernor’s Ginger Ale.  About a month ago or so I stopped in at Kroger and although they had regular, there was no Diet on the shelf, not even a 12 pack,  nor a tag with a space for it. I waited in line at the Customer Service desk

I waited in line at the Customer Service desk and advised they might not be carrying it anymore (but had no definite answer).  I usually purchase 6-8 bottles a week and asked that they carry it.   They did check in the back and found a 12 pack in the back.   I went back several more time and it was still not there and I completed the surveys on the receipt advising I still wanted them to carry it.   I finally received a response from a Jane at Kroger:

“Thank you for contacting Kroger Customer Connect. We appreciate your concerns regarding the soft drink selection at your local store and we apologize for your experiences.

 Our company prides itself on offering a wide variety of products for you to choose from and we expect our store shelves to be fully stocked. There are many factors to determine which products are available to and sold in our stores – shelf space, product demand, supplier availability, and vendor contracts are a few. Special order forms are available at the customer service desk as a courtesy to accommodate specific item requests.

 Your comments have been forwarded to the appropriate person at the store who is involved with product selection decisions as our office does not have access to inventory/ordering information. For further information concerning product availability, please speak directly to store management as they are able to check inventory at other locations and advise if certain products can be ordered and/or stocked.”


I emailed back that I had advised Customer Service and relayed the above.  I didn’t receive and email back, but did notice the next time I went they were carrying it again:)



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