Little Free Library


I had heard of Little Free Library last year when they had a Kickstarter last year, but this is the first I have seen in our city.

Little Free Library was created by Todd Bol of Hudson, Wisconsin in 2009 as a tribute to his mother, a teacher who loved to read.  He built a School House looking box and put it in his front yard and filled it with books that people could take to read and then return, or for people to leave books to share with others.

Since then it has grown into a social movement to promote literacy and share the love of reading with a free book exchange.  As of January of this year, the site indicates there are over 36,000 Little Free Libraries (mostly in the US, but there are also others in different parts of the world).

Here is a link to a map maintained by Little Free Library where you can search for a location near your zip code.

Our Map


Location:   East Fleming Street, west of Clinton and North of Pettit Avenue, Fort Wayne, IN


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