Old Fort Wayne Police Station


From 1993 to 2012 the tan building behind the abandoned parking lot was the former Fort Wayne Police Department.

The only time I ever had the occasion to go there was after my purse was stolen from my van and someone had found and turned in some items that had been in my purse that had found along the river near the Coliseum, one being Kyle’s birth certificate that was on a laminated card.  I remember what a hassle it was to try to prove I was me when I had no ID as it had been in my purse.

The building is currently vacant, but the signs on the other side of the building indicate it is monitored by cameras and police will be on site within 15 minutes if someone tries to trespass.

The brick building to the right of is the headquarters for the Wildcat Baseball League.

Location: 1300 Block of Creighton Avenue, Fort Wayne, IN


One thought on “Old Fort Wayne Police Station

  1. this building and the church on the east side was built for The Bowser Pump Company just after the turn of the last century. This was their administration building and their manufacturing plant was behind it. The made Gasoline pumps up until the 1970’s? Fort Wayne was the gas pump capital of the US in the 50’s and beyond as we had Wayne Pump, (fuel, potable and waste water pumps, hydrolic oil pumps and hot water heating pumps); Bowser Pump ( mostly fuel I believe0 Tokhein Pump; Fuel Boy ( small fuel pumps you mostly find on the farm) ( not to be confused with the fat boy on the Azar’s Big Boy signage).


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