Wall Art at Fazolis – The Feeding

1 feeding
Had lunch at Fazoli’s and Marv notice the above wall art as he said it was a little creepy to have someone feed you and asked what I thought, so when I went to the restroom I checked it out.  Although I think the intent was to be fun and playful, perhaps to the “50 Shades of Gray” crowd; I found it creepy as well.  It looks more like she is pulling a tapeworm out of him instead of feeding him spaghetti.

Even if you interpret is as feeding, only babies or sadly, very old people, need someone to feed them, so I perceive it as a sign of being weak or subservient.  You have to eat what is fed to you because you can’t communicate that you don’t like it.

I don’t even like that high brow thing where the guy is to order for the lady; even if that doesn’t make me a lady.  I went on a first (and last) date where I guy tried to do that and I had to bitch slap him with my evil eye gaze and say what the lady wanted to order to the waiter instead and lucky for him, it was one of the cheaper things on the menu.    Very glad I did as I later learned Calamari is squid and I don’t do seafood or chicken.



2 thoughts on “Wall Art at Fazolis – The Feeding

  1. REALLY, Calamari is squid??? I thought it was what that black witch doctor kept saying to Indiana Jones in one of his raider movies as the witch doctor was ripping his hart out while he was swinging above a lave pit hole in that cavern. C A L A M A R Iiii C A L A M A R I (only speaking louder while looking like he was on Peyote)

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  2. ever notice that all there chicks hanging on their walls are Asian?? Why is that? Do Asian chicks like pasta more than the french or the Italians? Or is it that most American men think Asian chicks are hot?


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