Spanish Cannon from Spanish-American War – 1899

5 cannon side


This Cannon near Swinney Homestead at the entrance to the tennis park as you come into town on Jefferson Street in Fort Wayne.

The sign (close up photo below)  indicates it is Spanish Gun No 3 captured by US forces at the Battle of El Cane and Santiago and presented to Number 51 Veteran Legion by Navy and War Department on May 10, 1899.   I searched online to try to find additional information about how a cannon captured in Cuba over a hundred years ago ended up in Fort Wayne, IN and rededicated in 1959, but only found information on Wikipedia – Battle of El Caney  which was fought on July 1, 1898 during the Spanish-American War and from Wikipedia – History of Cuba  where the US briefly took control of Cuba from January 1989 until 1902 when it was handed back over to Cuba and they elected a President.

5 cannon


5 cannon descrpt

Location: At entrance to Tennis Park by Swinney Homestead, 1424 West Jefferson Blvd. Fort Wayne, IN 46802


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